Re: What's Next for the Apple II?


        That reminds me when I hooked up 6 Disk ][s up to my //gs for
laughes.  It was funny to see GSOS mount them.  LOL (Yes I used 3 Disk
][ interface cards).


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Bill Garber <[email protected]> wrote:

WOW!, that will be 1.914 MB. A CFFA card with a 128 MB
CF card installed would not be good, I would guess. ;-)

Well Bill, I was only planning to use 5 DuoDisks since I'll have an SSC
and 80-column card installed, so it'll be closer to 1.4 Megs.
While the CFFA might have better speed and storage capacity, I'm sure it
would be nowhere near as noisy and would lack the impressive array of
blinky red lights.
In all seriousness, I was thinking it would be rather fun to have a
bunch of people design sites that fit on a single 5" floppy. People
often come up with the most remarkable things when faced with severe
limitations (which in my opinion is the primary lure of the Apple II).
Of course we're still a ways from the Apple II internet, so I'll just
wait patiently and keep my stack of duodisks at the ready ;-)