Re: CCS 7710 manual?

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PS-Please scan with good quality and also leave grayscales and don't 
care to clean it for me or compress to reduce space, if you have a fast 
When I will have all the pages scanned I will clean/cut/edit all these 
to do a good-quality PDF. If you want I will send a copy of this PDF to 
you too, so you have also a well-edited digital-version of your manual 
for reprints.

Sounds great, yes I would like a copy of the cleaned-up PDF when you
finish it.

I have already done the page scans using 200 DPI grayscale. The
original manual print quality was not all that great, so the scans are
only as good as the original images.  Hopefully you can do some good
with them.

The total file size is around 16 MB.  I will package the files up in a
few zips and email them to you tomorrow from work where I have a fast
net connection.  :-)

Thanks -   Tim