Re: Apple ][ Prodos Volume Questions

David Wilson wrote:

OK. If you look at ProDOS Technote #23 it describes the changes made
to ProDOS from version 1.0 to 2.0.3 (provided you find a recent version).
You can divide ProDOS 8 into 3 groups based on how it handles volumes.

A) ProDOS v1.0 to v1.1.1 - two drives per slot
B) ProDOS 8 v1.2 to v1.9 - two drives per slot except that slot 5 can have
   4 volumes if slot 2 does not have a disk controller card in it.
   The 3rd volume becomes S2,D1 and the 4th S2,D2. This remapping relies
   on the disk controller firmware knowing what to do when passed a unit
   number for slot 2 when it is in slot 5 - any controller supporting more
   than two volumes must support this.
C) ProDOS 8 v2.0.x - up to 13 volumes on a SmartPort capable disk controller
   (/RAM takes up 14th position S3,D2)

Note that the V2.0.x remapping can only use vacant slots - if you had a 1MB
memory expansion card in slot 4 which is a single volume (S4,D1) the remapping
code will not use the vacant S4,D2 for a drive from another slot. There is
a defined order that v2.0.x will allocate vacant slots based on a table in
the PRODOS file (list taken from v2.0.3):

S4,D1 S4,D2 S1,D1 S1,D2 S2,D1 S2,D2 S5,D1 S5,D2 S6,D1 S6,D2 S7,D1 S7,D2 S3,D1

Thanks for the quick response. I understand the order much better now and think I know what to expect. I need to put ProDOS 2x on a floppy, which is easier said than done with my hardware setup. I think I going to enable a dial-in port on a server at the office to allow this to happen, although I also have a copy of crossworks with a cable here somewhere.

I assume that ProDOS 2.x uses the actual slots first and the begins using predefined list, skipping any slots already used.

For example in my card with 8 drives in Slot 7 and RAM in Slot 5 would expect to see;

S7D1    Volume1
S7D2    Volume2
S6D1    Floppy Drive 1
S6D2    Floppy Drive 2
S5D1    Ram Drive
S5D2    <unused>
S4D1    Volume3
S4D2    Volume4
S3D1    <unused>
S3D2    RAM
S2D1    Volume7
S2D2    Volume8
S1D1    Volume5
S1D2    Volume6

I read that the slot does not have to be vacant but only not occupied by a block device, and that slots containing some types of cards like serial cards and mouse cards can be remaped also.


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