Re: Videx Videoterm help

Thanks a lot guys.   This helped me out a lot.  Works great.


"Christopher Ryan" <[email protected]> wrote in message
Purchased one off ebay recently for my ][+, of course no documentation was
provided.  I did find a copy of the docs online at 1000bit, but this seems
to be for connecting up to an older ][, not the ][+.  Also, a small 2"x3"
(approx) card came as well in the package.  It is labelled "1982 Videx" on
the top, and "SVS-000" & "REV B" on the bottom.  On the bottom side of the
card is 16 male pins, and on the top is a chip, some capacitors, a
connector, a 5 pronged connector,a small cable with a 6 holed female
connector (1 pin is blocked) and another small cable with a 6 holed female
connector (2 are blocked).  I also received all the cabling (I think).  I
got a 6 pin female connector (1 pin is blocked) to a female RCA.

I plugged the card in, connected the 6-pin/RCA cable, and hooked my
cable up to that.  I do not get a display in 40 column mode, but is a do a
pr#3 is get 80 at least the card is working.

Now I fiddled around with the extra little card and was able to hook the
cabling up...but if I get 80 col..I get no 40 col...and visa versa.

Where does this little card plug into?  I saw a 16 pin female plug in the
motherboard up near the video connectors..tried that..nothing different.

Do I have the right stuff to make this work?

Thanks in advanve..

Chris Ryan
[email protected]