Re: Any non-memory cards for IIgs memory expansion slot?

In article <[email protected]>, Eric Smith 
<[email protected]> wrote:
Speaking of IIgs memory expansion, is it really limited to 4MB of RAM
expansion as documented in the hardware reference?  It looks like there
is theoretically enough address space for up to 14MB of RAM.

The limit was later raised to 8 MB; it had required some additional
stuff, but I can't remember what exactly now. Something along the line
of an additional line for decoder or something? (vague recollection)

However, the tools (such as the Memory Manager) only have logic to
handle up to 8 MB as I seem to recall.

To enable the additional memory, you'd also have to patch various tools
which is no easy trick without source code, and probably an healthy
amount of reverse engineering effort for 3 different ROM versions that
nobody has seen it worthwhile to bother.

Basically, theoretically possible but 'too much work'. :)