Re: Should Christians turn from Judaism?

"last permutation," your constat irrational spewing of antisemitism,
hatemongering, paranoid conspiracy theories and other insanity makes
your post unreadable.  There seems to be no need to say that you are a
crazy satanic racist because you prove it so often.  I may respond
only with a pretyped message, but I will not bother to read your
insane ramblings.  

I will point out that an anstisemite cannot be a follower of Messiah.
Yshu`a the Messiah taught Judaism to Jews in Israel.  There are
Christians who love the Jewish people.  There are Gentiles who convert
to Judaism.  All Christians are Zionists.

You keep posting your hatred of Jews to Jewish groups so, I must
assume that you have an emotional need to cause disturbances.  I
realize that like other antisemites, you wish you were Jewish but for
some reason have not converted.  You might be learning disabled like
Adolph Hitler, or too filled with resentment that the Messiah is a Jew
and you were not born Jewish to think rationally.  or maybe you have
some other psychological condition that prevents you from being happy.
Either way, you are too filled with hatred to learn about God and too
given over to evil to allow yourself to repent.  This is your problem,
and I will pray for you to become sane, but I will not waste time
reading your posts.  I am saving this so that I can remind you of your
situation without exposing yself to your insanity.

Your post remains unread.