Re: Best Apple ][ word processors

On Friday, June 20, 2014 10:10:00 AM UTC-4, gid...@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On Thursday, 19 June 2014 16:03:32 UTC-6, db  wrote:

Still hoping someone will respond to my Multiscribe questions as I've been 
unable to locate any sort of online documentation for it. However, I came 
across this:
 from back in the day (summer '84 to be exact) and it has a decent chapter 
on word processors from back then, comparing and contrasting the various 
offerings from that era. The games chapter has the guy who wrote Hackers as 
one of the reviewers. It's a fun and interesting read and I'm sure some of 
you here will enjoy it.

You didn't look very hard.  The manual was found on the second page of a 
google search.

I actually did look very hard and didn't find it on the second or 3rd page. I 
guess I'm an idiot because I don't see it there either but just a 
403 Access Denied message; and when I try to use their search function the 
connection resets. I'd like to get the manuals for this program but don't 
really want to have to register anywhere. Thanks.