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I purchased my first Apple II in 2002, years after many events that are 
currently being discussed occurred. I find myself a bit out of the loop. 
Could somebody please give me a brief, unbiased account of events involving 
this colorful cast of characters we've all been reintroduced to?



If you're really interested in what went on in the not-so-distant
past, head over to the Google groups archive, navigate to
comp.sys.apple2 and do a search for a few names, notably: Turley, Dr.
Tom, cturley, Nathan Mates, Richard Bennett, Brutal Deluxe, and (more
recently) Quantum Cat.  Other keywords that might turn up interesting
hits: Convert 3200, LemminGS, and BilleArt.

Most of the threads quickly devolved into name calling,
finger-pointing and raging flame fests that drove users and developers
away in large numbers.

Brutal Deluxe's web page is gone now, but if you stop by the Internet
Wayback Machine, you can still read their account of the problems that
arose between them and Dr. Tom over several pieces of their software:

Some of it is difficult to follow, as it's obvious English is not
Olivier's native tongue but the parts he considers most important are
clear enough.

You can also find Nathan's "Goodbye cruel world" page on the Wayback

I actually went back and read some of those csa2 posts recently.  It
was a surprisingly discouraging and demoralizing experience.  Sad to
see really, that the A2 community largely fell apart in such a
spectacular fashion.  If there are any doubts as to whether a hobbyist
community based on a long-dead architecture can survive, stop by
comp.sys.cbm sometime and compare the signal-to-noise ratio to the one

And I, for one, am at least partly to blame for the piracy problem.
Tarnover was once one of the largest repositories of stolen Apple II
software on the net, with just about every piece of Apple software
still in existence available for download in some form.

- Mike
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