Re: Dead serial ports?

Simon Williams <[email protected]> wrote in message
: GarberStreet <[email protected]> wrote:
: > As I tried to state in previous posts, there are so many
: > different configurations of cables for the Mac/IIgs, and
: > all look the same, you really have to trust the seller, and
: > also be aware of model numbers. There are lists of model
: > numbers on the internet, and you can find out before-hand
: > whether it is the proper cable.  :o)
: Yes, it can be a frustrating endeavour... at least Apple had the decency
: to put little pictures on their cables that at least give you a hint,
: most of the third-party cables I have are quite mysterious... what I
: find really annoying is trying to check continuity on those tiny little
: pins :(

I have several third party cables as well, and I've discovered that
they are ALL different. One was definately a straight through modem
cable which I sold with a SSC II. One is a printer cable, and the other
is a null-cable. No numbers on any of them, or logos.  Arghhhh!

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