Re: "Understanding the Apple II" as PDF - who can host?

"Liam Busey" <[email protected]> wrote in message 

Bryan Parkoff wrote:

    No contact with Jim Sather for over years by asking a permission to
reproduce Understand the Apple II+ electroncially is illegal.  It can
violate his copyright.  Please look at the first page.  It says not to
produce electronically without his permission.

Bryan Parkoff

It is unfortunate that Jim Sather in unreachable. I would love to
purchase a copy of Understanding the Apple //e but have been unable to
find one. Is there a source? Used copies are unfortunately rare and
tend to sell for more then when the book was new. There doesn't appear
to be enough for everyone.

This is perhaps the most important work for the hobby. What is one to



    Please read my earlier second post.  It says that people must agree when 
they download PDF for free and promise not to sell for money by respecting 
Jim Sather's copyright.

Bryan Parkoff