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Charlie Springer wrote:
On Tue, 9 Jan 2007 01:29:16 -0800, Michael J. Mahon wrote
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And I don't know of any drives with a DIN (circular) connector...
Do you mean the DSub-19 connector?  Both the drives and the controllers
are electrically identical to the 20-pin header connector style except

Yes, I meant the D connector.

for the provision of both drive select lines and the "pass-through" of
the Drive 2 select to the Drive 1 select inside the drive.

Thus the daisy chain connection?

Exactly.  This approach was first used by Apple on the Disk /// drives.

I have tried multiple Apple II units and the whites won't boot on the older ones. I'll have to set them up side by side and try again. It was a while ago. Weather is predicted for about 15 degrees up to freezing the next couple of days and my shop is not heated so I might wait till next week.

Youch!  We're expecting a cold snap, too, but I'm inside.  ;-)


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