Re: Some questions about some cards (xebec sidecar controller, gs-ramplus, Fourth Dimensio?)

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: On May 6, 2:29 am, nyder <nyder...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
: > Okay, yes, stephane's ide controller, this 
: >
: > And I don't know, seems like it works to me, since he says things
: > like, "I have a functional 170mb harddrive & 6x cdrom working"   Plus
: > he has software for the OS.
: > There is another IDE project that never got the software done, that
: > might be what your thinking of.
: I think he can use his custom software to view/load/save files
: (sectors?)
: to the disk, but I don't think you can boot it, or access it with
: Dos3.3, prodos,
: or GSOS.
: Rich

That is what I gathered when I spoke with him about
it, I'd have to say, over 2 years ago, as it is.

There is quite a lot of incomplete hardware/software
out there. It would be nice if they were either taken
down, or completed.

In answer to the Microdrive being expensive, I find
it rather reasonable, considering what it takes to
produce such an item on such a small scale. Having
done this myself, I think what 'is' out there, and
complete, is very reasonable.

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