Re: Key not working...

On Feb 28, 9:43 pm, "Michael J. Mahon" <mjma...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Snorkel wrote:
I just set up one of my Apple IIe's, and in probably its first session
of extensive use in 20 years I noticed the T key doesn't work. It
doesn't seem to be jammed or anything... every other key on the
keyboard is fine. What should I do?

First, try pressing the key firmly but gently ;-) about 200 times,
while slightly altering the push "axis" away from perpendicular
in various directions.

You'd be amazed how often that cleans the switch contacts and
restores function, even without any other "cleaner".


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And if that doesn't work, try a little bit of "Tuner Cleaner" from
Radio Shack. It comes in a little aerosol can and costs about $6, and
will last you about 1,000 years.

Pop off the keycap, spray a teeny tiny little bit where the shaft
enters the mechanism, wait a minute for capillary action to do its
thing, and then press that key shaft up and down about 200 more times.
It cleans and lubricates electrical contacts - things like noisy pots,
bad keycaps, and of course, rotary television tuner knobs, (which
basically don't exist anymore.)

I recently revived a GS keyboard with 4 dead keys with some Tuner
Cleaner. It sometimes works miracles...