Re: 2e enhanced ROM listing

On Jul 26, 3:06 pm, Alex Freed <al...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Mark McDougall wrote:

I've got a few Nanoboard 1's - that was my original platform of choice.
I've got a few small Xilinx and Altera FPGA modules for it, only up to a
Cyclone 1C12 in Altera. OK for Space Invaders, but not much more - too
little internal RAM.

Well, the NB2 is a "waste" of resources on industrial scale. The
daughterboard has 2 MB of SRAM, 64 bits parallel not to mention
32 MB of SDRAM, FLASH, etc. And an FPGA with 1,500,000 equivalent gates!

Of course DE1 has more than enough of everything. I'll do a back port
later. Minus the slots, that is.

As for the generated Verilog/VHDL (yes, you can choose), it has occured
to me to use it, but it's easy enough to make a clean top module.
For example I would use "native" BRAM primitives rather than the
Altium's ones for that.

Not easy to use non-AD tools with a nanoboard - the JTAG port is not
compatible with A/X tools as used to be the case with the old "Live
Design" boards.

Well, I'm getting off-topic here... Send me private e-mail if you are
interested in the details.


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