Re: Q: ADT-transfers on Franklin ACE 2200 + Super Serial Card II

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I made another attempt to get the ADT-transfer working on the Franklin 2200/SSC setup. I have the SSC jumpered as adviced on:

and the card-block pointing up as adviced when using a null-modem cable.

Are you sure it's a null-modem cable, and not a straight-thru? For null cable, the block is straight-thru wired, and for straight-thru cable, the block is null wired. Could be your issue.
Bill Garber from GS-Electronics

The only response in terminal is when powering and unpowering is "[00]" in the terminal display. When placing the SSC-card from the S2 slot over to the S4/S7 slot in the Franklin 2200 the same "[00]" sequence shows up. When issueing a DIR-command from ADT, nothing happens. I have tried to switch from slot S2 over to S7 in the ADTv1.33 programme but this does not give any effect either.

JP7/JP8 jumpering:
The lower two pins are jumpered on both JP7 and JP8 (There are three pins available on both). I do not have any details or documentation on how the jumpers should be set in order to select the slots. Maybe this configuration is wrong? Any tip appreciated on this item!

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It's been a while since I used the SSC with my Franklin 2200, but I
seem to remember there being a switch that said which "slot" I would
be calling the one I plugged the SSC into (2 or 7, iirc).
I did not recall correctly.  The slot nearest the back of the computer
is slot 2.  The slot nearest the front of the computer is slot 4 or 7,
selectable at jumper JP7/JP8.