Re: Apple II cassettes by Brutal Deluxe Software

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Ciderpress recommends the use of a WAV file of 22 kHz 8-bit mono and
if I find a way to convert to that kind of file, I will upload the WAV
files to

Audacity will happily save a file as 8-bit mono, if you delve into
the menus.  ;-)

The problem is that the menus of the PC version are not the same on
the Mac, have a look at the main buttons, there are not in the same
order! So, I'll have to dig into the menus :-)

Cassettes contain a small spring-loaded pressure pad which presses
on the back of the tape to ensure good contact with the head.  If this
spring strip is bent or fatigued, there may be imperfect contact--
especially if the tape tension at the head is a bit high.

He he, that may be the problem. I'll glu those that do not hold well.

Whenever the spring went missing (or the pad fell off I'd remove the
spring), I'd just fold over a piece of paper to act as a spring and place it
under the tape - good enough for you to use to copy it or load the data off
of it...