Which would you keep: ZipGSX or TWGS?

I managed to pick up a ZipGSX from eBay last week, a stock 8MHz/16K
that ran Modulae for hours without any issues.  I also recently
managed to upgrade a TWGS to a very stable 10MHz/32K.

The ZipGS doesn't have a socket for the oscillator, so I'm stuck at
8MHz for now, but I suppose I can take the cache up to 64K with
ReactiveMicro's help.

I couldn't find the Benchmark v5.0 program, does anyone have a copy?
It's not up on Asimov when I looked.

So assuming I don't need to have both, which one should I keep?  Which
one would you keep?

Also managed to pick up a MockingBoard, which is kinda exciting since
I never got one back when I was using the IIe.  Definitely want to try
that out with Ultima III.  Then again, Virtual ][ has Mockingboard
emulation, so I've already "heard" the enhanced audio.