Re: Phoenix's Apple II Page

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I think this was one of the 'lost sites' that has been archived at
applearchives via the wayback machine.  So as not to be lost forever.

The better question would be, does anyone have the file?


The file is on the server, but I am not able to download it either.
Something with Firefox on my PC I would assume.

I have uploaded it here temporarily:
Should be an 82K file.


I've been able to download all three disk images, it's just that the
sample disk, apexsmp1sdk.bin, can't be unshrunk because the image is
zero k. I was hoping to find a copy of it that could be expanded into
a normal disk image.


That is what I was saying...this is it:
I could not download it from the site either, so I grabbed it from the
server side and hosted it at 8bitsystem for a while to allow everyone/
anyone/you  to download it until we can figure out the download
problem on that particular file.