Re: SmartportVHD/USB compatibility test report

Le 25/04/2011 02:03, Robert Justice a écrit :
Hi Cedric,

Thats great news. This is a nice solution with the usb implementation.
Good to hear the testing went well. I'm keen to hear more about the

Have you tried it with any of the smartcard usb readers? eg CF or SD
to usb card reader. I suppose these are just usb mass storage devices
so in theory should work?


Hi Rob,

This is a question I wondered some months ago, and totally missed it !
Today, I plugged an usb card reader with a CF card instead of an usb key.
All seem to work fine, except a practical issue: the card reader take more time to be ready on startup, at least for the one I tested wich require about 7s. The Apple //c is finishing it's boot sequence in 5s, so I need to reboot the Apple II once the card reader is ready otherwise the mass storage isn't not detected.
I tryed with an SD card and got exactly the same result.