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My IIe has an 80 col card, however sans the 64K.  I just received
today a 607-0103-K 80COL/64K expansion card, however when I replace my
80 col card the machine boots with garbage on the screen.


1.  Does this circa 1986 card work in non-enhanced IIes?

Just how old is this IIe ? :-)

It's possible that your machine has the Revision-A motherboard. If
that's the case, you either need a newer motherboard, or an extended
80-column card with a jumper on it.

The Revision-A IIe isn't capable of producing double hi-res graphics,
and the hardware changes required a change to the extended 80-column
card circuitry, hence the jumper.

Unfortunately, the 80 column card you have is one of the miniature
designs that shipped as standard equipment in the later platinum IIe's
which are hardwired for the later motherboard design. If you could
photograph and/or post the part number and serial number of the
motherboard though, we can confirm whether this is the case or just
idle speculation.

Model/Serial from case bottom:  A2S2064/1A252-035976

Numbers from MB: 820-0064A, 607-0164-[ ] by slot 4, and an ink stamped
0583 by slot 2

820-0064-A is a revision A IIe motherboard, the NTSC model of which is
not compatible with the miniature extended 80-column card from the
platinum IIe (and it also can't do double hi-res graphics).

You need either a newer motherboard or an older extended 80-column card
with a jumper.

David Empson

David, thank you.  Got a URL with info on the "older" card with jumper
so I know what to look for?

Thanks again.