Re: Toy Shop for Apple II available and a long story

On Tuesday, January 10, 2012 10:47:57 PM UTC-6, datawiz wrote:
Finally, while this game would have been difficult to crack back in
those days, there
is an approach that could have been used to distribute a working copy.
A program
could be written to read a track on a protected disk, and save it's
nibbles out.
A separate program would be written to re-assemble the nibble images
back into a
disk that has a non-standard format that would work (assuming the
crackist removed
secondary protection in the nibblized images). 

Just to add a bit to your archeology, IIRC, this approach was taken initially 
on Wings of Fury by "Mr. Slick" (back in the day).  See here:

except rather than nibble images, compression was used to "pack" and "unpack" 
the data (as compression was called within the Apple II circles then).  But the 
result was a working 18-sector version.  He also provided a copy utility that 
could be further generalized for other programs.  [The fixation to get 
everything back to 16-sector format likely missed the opportunity to pursue 
preserving use of the 18-sector format and just working around it.]