Re: Appleworks Clock Patch

Brother Robert:

I _think_ you'll find that all is well.

The ProDOS 8 clock patcher program doesn't really report success when it
does its job.

After you've specified the Volume Name and hit <return>, you should be done.
IIRC, you must start the volume name with a '/'.

Go ahead and run AppleWorks after doing so and see how your years look.

And, you may want to review this thread: (thanks again to


It would be better if the patch program gave some indication of success, but
oh well. We _only_ have to remember this every six years, I think. Or, get a
IIGS. <grin>

Happy New Year, almost.


Hugh Hood

in article [email protected], Robert Boucher
at [email protected] wrote on 12/31/13 12:03 PM:

It is time for me to run the Appleworks clock patch; however when I get
to the instruction where you enter the volume name, or the slot/drive
number, the program will not allow either.

Any thoughts on how to get around this situation?